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SharePoint 2013 Search Result Pages

Don’t get scared by the term “Search Verticals”  they are the new search categories like People and Content in the old SharePoint Version. Just to be Clear Search Verticals are Categories that are displayed Under the Search box such as Content, People, Conversations,Videos and other Custom Result Scopes.

Search Verticals or Result Source -
In SharePoint 2013 you can specify locations to get Search results from, and set Protocols for getting those results, by using result sources. SharePoint 2013 provides predefined result sources, such as Everything,People which are Set by default. You can Change the default to another predefined result source, such as “Recently changed items” or to a Result Source that you Create. To create a new Search Vertical or Result Source you can Create a new Result Source and specify the query transformation. With “Query Transformation” you can restrict queries to a subset of Content to create a new search scope.

Search Results Pages -
When you Create an Search Center site collection SharePoint 2013 Creates a default search home page and a default search results page.In addition to the default search results page SharePoint 2013 also creates few pages for other default Search Verticals.
The following pages are created in an Search Center site collection:
  • default.aspx: the home page for the Search Center, and the page where end-users enter their queries.
  • results.aspx: the default search results page for the Search Center. It is also the search results page for the Everything search vertical.
  • peopleresults.aspx: the search results page for the People search vertical.
  • conversationresults.aspx: the search results page for the Conversations search vertical.
  • videoresults.aspx: the search results page for the Videos search vertical.
  • advanced.aspx: the search page where end-users can apply some restrictions to their search phrases — for example, limiting the search to an exact phrase.
These pages are located in the Pages library, and they contain Web Parts that you can customize to improve the end-user search experience.


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