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Project Summary WebPart Displays Calendar Events and Tasks

The Project Summary WebPart essentially provides a Summary of Tasks and Events that are added to one or more Tasks lists and Calendars in the site. I know we are all familiar with the Tasks being displayed as Timeline in Project Summary WebPart, but in this post I will discuss about how events from a Calender list gets displayed in a Project Summary WebPart and how to configure late and upcoming event views.

To begin with, these Views – upcoming and late can be configured from Project Summary WebPart’s webpart properties with multiple Tasks and Calender lists to be used to display collective Upcoming events from the site.

upcoming view - Displays all the upcoming Tasks and Events from the connected Task & Calendar lists in the site. The edit link next to upcoming is used to select multiple Task & Calendar lists.

late view - Displays only “Tasks” that are over the due date. Calender events are not added here.The edit link next to late is used to select multiple Task lists in the site.

Once you configure the late and upcoming Views the Tasks and Events are displayed like below.

Here are some of the findings from my test on showing Calendar events in a Project Summary webpart -

* A Calendar only shows up in Project Summary WebPart, if it has any Upcoming Events added to it.
* Project Summary WebPart only displays Upcoming events and not late events from any Calendar.
* Recurring events are shown under Upcoming for each day of recurrence.For example a recurring event for 20 days will have 20 entries under Upcoming events.
* A Calendar event stretching to more than 13 days does not get displayed in Upcoming events.


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