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Hide the Multiple Upload option for a particular document library SharePoint 2010

To hide Multiple Upload button we have two options
1. Using Soltuion\Feature
2. Using CSS

We will discuss both the options in this post.

Option 1 -  So here is how you create a solution to hide Multiple Upload button from ribbon. If you need this feature active for only one library you can create a new list template for you document library and specify the id of list template in RegistrationId. Then Create your Library from thi new list template. Multiple Upload button will be missing from your new Library only.

Firstly Id of the Button is - "Ribbon.Documents.New.AddDocument.Menu.Upload.UploadMultiple".

Now lets look at the Steps -

1. Create a empty soltuion in VS 2010.
2. Add a new Item Module and then delete the text file created in that Module.
3. Edit the elements file to add below

          Location="Ribbon.Documents.New.AddDocument.Menu.Upload.UploadMultiple" /> 

4. Next make sure your fetaure conatins this elements file.
5. Build and delploy to test.

Option 2 - Add the below CSS in a Content editor webpart on the page where you want to hide Upload Multiple button.

<style type="text/css"> 
 display:none !important; 
<style type="text/css">
 display:none !important; 


3 Respones to "Hide the Multiple Upload option for a particular document library SharePoint 2010"

Ruud Stijger said...

Thanks. CSS did the trick for me.

17 February 2015 at 06:25
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