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Step-byStep Installing Microsoft Lync from Office365

Microsoft Lync 2010 is the service that enables you to send instant messages to any
member of your team who is available for contact. Microsoft Lync 2010 Online is what you get when you sign-up for Office 365.

Benefits of Microsoft Lync 2010 -
* You can see the online presence of team members, share audio and video files, and schedule online meetings, phone calls, and more.
* Lync Online is the utility that connects your team in real time, whether you have something important to discuss or just want to ask somebody a quick question.

Lets look at the Install steps now-

1. Begin the process of downloading by clicking Install Lync 2010 in the Lync category of the Office
365 Home page.
2. On the Downloads page choose your version (32-bit or 64-bit) and click Install.
3. After you click Install, the File Download – Security Warning dialog box appears so that
you can choose whether you want to run or save the Lync install file. It’s OK to go ahead
and run the installation utility directly from Office 365.
4. It will take a few minutes for Lync to download; then you might be prompted to restart
your computer.
5. After Lync launches,. As you can see, it resembles an instant messaging client such as Windows Live Messenger. There’s one big difference, though—where are your contacts? Because Office 365 is built to be secure and enable your work with your team, only team members who are part of your Office 365 group appear in your Lync window, unless you use Lync for logging on to other
domains as well.
Within Office 365, your administrator is the one who adds user roles and
permissions so that others will appear in your Lync window, ready for contact.

- Enjoy Office 365


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