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Office 365 Tutorial for beginners - Part 2

In Contunuation to Part 1 of Office 365 Tutorial for beginners, Next lets look at the plans that microsoft has to offer for Office 365. Microsoft Offers "P family" and E family" Plans. The plans they offer are -

P1 - For Only for Small Business
E1 - For Mid- Size Business
E2 - For Midsize businesses and enterprises
E3 - For Midsize businesses and enterprises
E4 - For Midsize businesses and enterprises

Please take a look at Detailed Plan Matrix to understand what microsoft offers in these plans. Other Import documents related to Plans and Office 365 can be foud here.

So Once the client selects the plan they can start by downloading one of Trial versions of the Plans. Well to say it clearly microsoft right now only offers Trial Plans for P1 and E3 plans. If you decided to go this route i should make you aware that you can migrate from E3 plan to E1 or E2 or E4 after your Trial but now P1, and vice versa. So think carefully about what you will want to spend in future on Office 365 service. I knwo you would surely want to mograte your test data into the real live service once you decide to buy if officially.

Move to Cloud or Not - Taking a Decision about moving into Cloud is not easy as we know, so here are few factors that can help you make this decision -

* When you need an intranet site without the complexity of managing hardware and software.

* When you want to extend intranet based documents or resources to remote office or co-workers without a lot of IT expense and complexity.

* When you want to provide controlled access to external vendors or partners without opening up your network.

* Quickly set-up Public facing website to promote your business.

There are many other factors to decide if your company is ready for Cloud or not.


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