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Cannot Rearrange Web Parts on SharePoint 2013 Team Site Home Page.

 In SharePoint 2013, the Home Page of a Team Site is Created using a Wiki Page Layout. Typically, a Wiki Page is used for writing Articles or for Simply Creating Knowledge Base (WiKi) Page in a SharePoint site.It generally does not Contain any WebParts. This however, is not true all the time. A Text Field Control added to Wiki (where you add all the text) can contain WebParts as well. See the example by editing the home page of your SharePoint 2013 site (or see the Screen below).

SharePoint 2013 Team Site Home Page

The only difference here is, there are no WebParts Zones on the Page.No WebPart Zones essentially means no drag & drop on the page and no selection of Zones from any WebPart’s Properties.

The only way to arrange the WebParts on the Page is by using moving HTMl tags in the Edit Source of the Page.

Simply edit the Page and Select Format Text tab.Click on Edit Source to re-arrange the WebParts.



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Colin said...

That doesn't work either

25 January 2016 at 08:03

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