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TimeLine WebPart can display Taks from across Sites and Site Collections

Timeline WebPart is added to every Task list by default but you can also add it to any SharePoint page. Timeline webpart has many benefits some of them are -

1. Displays tasks as Timeline
2. Color the Represented Taks
3. Display Subtasks
4. Display taks from across Sites and Site Collections.

Every Timeline Webpart needs a Source to display the tasks in it. One of the good features of this webpart is that the Source of Timeline can be set to any Task list across sites and Site Collections.Once you add the webpart simply edit the webpart properties and expand “Timeline” section. For this example, I have added Web URL of a sibling Subsite where I have a Task list “Project Tasks”. As soon as I click “Verify URL” the Type and Source gets populated. You can also select the Souce List and View Name from the properties available.


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