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Track User Events for Sites in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 now you can easily track User events with the new Usage analytics feature.
Usage analytics is an Improved version of “Web Analytics” which is now discarded in SharePoint 2013.
There are two Analytics components introduced in SharePoint 2013. Search analytics and Usage analytics. Search analytics analyzes content in the search index, and usage analytics analyzes the user actions.
Usage analytics analyzes user actions, or usage events, such as clicks or viewed items and sent to the Analytics reporting database. The data in Reporting database can be used to generates the following usage reports:

Popularity Trends An Excel report that shows the daily and monthly count per usage event for a site collection, site, or specific item in a SharePoint library or list.

Most Popular Items Shows ranking per usage event for all items in a library or list, for example the most viewed items in the library or list. The ranking can be sorted by Recent or Ever.

Other than these you can also Track usage using following
  • Show recommendations or popular items on your site. By using recommendations, you can guide users to other content that may be relevant for them, based on how users previously interacted with the site. You can add recommendations to a page by adding Recommended Items and Popular Items Web Parts.
  • Use Content Search WebPart (CSWP)and sort the search results by the number of counts of a usage event.


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