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SharePoint 2013 Search UI Changes

Here are Few Importnat SharePoint 2013 Search UI Changes

Result blocks - SharePoint 2013 has a lot of new features related to Search and Search results; one of them is "result blocks". These are blocks of Search results grouped according to the defined Query Rules. For example a search for "Marketing Jobs" can come back with results from the "Marketing Jobs" category i.e. all the Jobs in Marketing as per defined Query rules and can also return a set of documents with text "Marketing Jobs" in it. The first set of results (i.e. Jobs in Marketing results) in this case will be displayed as a result block. Each block contains a individually ranked results.

Hover Over - In SharePoint 2013 Search has an Incredible new feature where for each search result that gets displayed on the search results page users can now "Hover Over" the result to view a Preview box for that Item. Read some of the features of this Hover Panel Hover Panel in SharePoint 2013

Result Types - We discuss today another awesome Feature in SharePoint 2013 Search "Result Types". In the earlier tip we discussed the new Hover Panel(or Preview Feature) in Search where for each search result users can now
see a “Hover Panel” which has some Informative Metadata about the resulting Item. This Hover Panel is definitely good for End users, but what makes it awesome for admins is the ability to customize the Hover Panel using "Result Types". I am sure that you agree that fact that the Information about the document (we are talking about the metadata in Preview pane) is not always what you would like to see and you would probably want to add or remove some Info from that Hover Template. With Result Types you can do just that. Read nore about the Result types Result Types in SharePoint 2013


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