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Site collection templates for Publishing in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Server 2013 has three site collection templates that you can use to create a publishing site based on your site needs and goals: Publishing Portal, Product Catalog, and Enterprise Wiki. The following table describes each template.

Publishing site collection templates

Template Description
Publishing Portal
Use for an Internet site or a large intranet portal site. You can use distinctive branding to customize this site. Typically, this site has many more readers than contributors. By default, this site collection template enables content approval workflows for a more formal and controlled publishing process. It also lets you grant permissions to anonymous users to view only content pages. Anonymous users cannot view SharePoint Server 2013 administrative pages, such as the Site Settings page.
Enterprise Wiki
A site in which your organization can publish knowledge that it accumulates and wants to share across the enterprise. It provides an easy content editing experience in a single location for co-authoring content, for discussions, and for collaborating on projects.
Product Catalog
Use for managing library or list data that is shared as a catalog for cross-site collection publishing. Catalog data is published to an Internet-facing site by using Web Parts that use Search technology. The catalog can be configured to support catalog item variants and multilingual catalog item properties. The site includes administration pages for managing faceted navigation for catalog items.

In addition to using one of these established site collection templates, you can also turn on publishing for any non-publishing site by activating the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature at the site collection level, and the SharePoint Server Publishing feature at the site level.


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