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SharePoint 2013 What are Activities and Feeds

Activities  -

Activities are posts and replies that can be either user-generated or system-generated. There are several types of activities in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview. These include the following:

• Microblog activities   This includes posts, replies, likes, mentions, or tagging an item.

• Following activities   This includes when a user follows people, documents, sites, or tags.

• User profile activities   This includes birthday, job title change, anniversary, updates made to Ask Me About, creating a new blog post, or posting on a Community Site.

• Document activities   This includes when a document is edited or a document is shared.

In SharePoint Server 2013 Preview, the newsfeed (or just simply the feed) displays activity information to users. Users access the feeds from a user's My Site. In SharePoint Server 2013 Preview, a user's My Site has several feeds available from which to choose. These different feeds show different views of activity information by filtering or pivoting on activity metadata. The different feeds available to users from their My Sites include the following:

 Newsfeed   -

This is the default view when visiting a user's My Site. The Newsfeed contains recent activities from followed entities. The Newsfeed displays 20 items and is sorted in reverse chronological order. Items listed in the Newsfeed are activities from entities a user follows, and conversations from any site feeds the user follows. Site feeds are explained later in this article.

• Everyone   The Everyone feed shows the last 20 posts or replies across all users. The distinction between the Everyone feed and the Newsfeed is that the Newsfeed only shows activities from entities the user is following.

• Activities   The Activities feed shows all activities associated with a user, including system-generated activities. The Activities feed represents the most accurate view of a user's activities because it shows all activities and not just recent activities, which occurs with the Newsfeed. This feed is also seen when users browse to their profile or About Me page for a user.

•  Mentions   The Mentions feed for a user displays all posts or replies where that user was mentioned.

• Likes   The Likes feed displays a list of posts or replies that the user has liked. This is not related to the I Like It feature from SharePoint Server 2010.


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