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SharePoint 2013 Sandboxed solutions VS SharePoint Apps

In the new Office 365 and SharePoint Online 2013 SharePoint hosted Apps are definitely a prefered way but they are not a replacement to sandboxed solutions. It's an addition to the spectrum of possibilities.

Sandboxed solutions allow you to execute code in safe way (with limited options), apps for SharePoint allow you to use a separate application server(s) outside of the SharePoint farm leveraging the matured client OMs or REST api.

 A great advantage of the app model is that it guarantees the farm to be unbohtered by any performance problems created by custom apps.

On the other hand, a scenario where sandboxed solutions def. remain useful is a small farm where you don't want to manage an additional app server (and have the extra cost) but you do want to be able to execute custom code in a safe way.


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