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Difference between Team site and Public-facing site in Office 365

Team site and Public-facing site are two sites available in Office 365. In this post I am going to expalin in simple words about these two sites and there site structure.
The public-facing website is an external site while a Team site is an Internal site. There are quite a few differences between the two.

 1. In Professional and Small Business account (P1 account) the public-facing website is the top-level of the site collection and the Team site is a sub-site of the top-level site.
2. The public-facing website and the Team site have different editing tools from each other. The public site is a prepackaged deal with a finite set of tools and no flexibility. The Team site can be used to interact with stored Sharepoint content and so has a different set of tools.  

3. The domain is the same for public-facing website and the tTam site due to both of them being a part of the same site collection in a P1 account.



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