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Change modified date format in Sharepoint list

A very different requirenment I came accross where Client wanted to change the format of modified date in the SharePoint list.
We could have used the XSLT approach or just plan HTML\JavaScript to do this. But what we really went for was the easiest and the most reliable way in my view. 

Solution - We can use a Calculated column to modify the Format. The simple formula is
=TEXT(Modified,"d MMM yyyy")

You can add the refrence to this Field in your Layout or designer code as below
<SharePointWebControls:CalculatedField ID="CalculatedField" FieldName="Display Date" runat="server" />

Why did we do that. I know this is not the right soltuion but I managed to convice the client to use this instead because I feel XSLT's are not reliable. Using XSL Link Property has earlier caused me various problems.


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