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Office 365 Tutorial for beginners - Part 1

This is a beginners tutorial for Office 365.

What is Office 365 - Office 365 is a Cloud based service that is pay-as-you-go for clients who purchance Office 365 subscription.

Office 365 consists of
             - Outlook (Exchange online)
            - Lync
            - Team Site (SharePoint Online)
            - Office Web Apps ( MS office Word, excel, Power point)

These are the Out-of-Box products that the Clients get to use when they subscibe for Office 365.

Features & Benefits - Some of the main fetaures and Benefits of Office 365 are at Main benefits of office 365

Office Deployment -
* Deploying Office 365 - Accodring to Microsoft Ofice 365 Deploymnet is done in three phase steps.

Pre-deployment phase - During pre-deployment, Microsoft or an Office 365 partner of your choice will take you through a set of pre-sales evaluation activities, starting with the questions outlined in this buyer’s guide, and activities agreed to in an evaluation plan.

Deployment phase -
(1) Customers can choose to plan and execute their own migration leveraging prescriptive guidance, tools and resources published by Microsoft.

(2) Migration services can also be provided by one of our Recommended Deployment Partners, who have extensive experience with enterprise scale migrations.

(3) Customers can decide to work with Microsoft’s Premier Deployment Team directly. Planning a Successful Migration with Microsoft Premier Deployment.

Microsoft Premier Deployment (MPD) provides a team of specialists helping enterprise customers who intend to migrate more than 2,400 users to the Office 365 online service. or Migrations with our Recommended Deployment Partners.

Post-deployment phase -
Self-service & community experience.
Assisted support.
Premier support services with Office 365.

Next Lets look at Prerequisites to Install Office 365
Prerequisites -
1. Go to this site System requirements link and check system requirenments before you install.
2. Check the whole matrix for Plans Check the whole matrix for Plans.

See Office 365 Tutorial for beginners - Part 2 for Details on Plans >>


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