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Deleting Comments Column "You cannot delete a read-only column" SharePoint

Ok so it was really hard to delete Comments Column in Posts list in SharePoint. I would get "You cannot delete a read-only column" when I tired by UI. So we as team started looking at our options.

Firstly, we found that we need to set the "ReadOnlyField " property of this field to "false". It was weird to know that It can be done programatically. So I tried below -

fcomments.ReadOnlyField = false;

didn't work.

then used fcomments.FromBaseType="FALSE"  but that didn't work as well. After about two days work finally I found that In Comments list (# Comments was a lookup) the Posts list connected as Lookup was missing a reference. That means Lookup column named Posts in Comments list was invalid. Deleting that column and re creating that solved our issue in with the Comments column in Posts list.

Hope I am confusing you.


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