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Cleaning up our Sharepoint sites

We often run into Issues with space in our SharePoint enviornment. We have recently adopted few methods that might be helpful to you as well

Strategies for cleaning up sharepoint sites -

1. Delete Unwanted Document Versions. Each document library can be setup to save pre-specified number of versions for any given document in that library. To do these follow the steps below.

1. Login as Site admin and Navigate to the document library you want to trim the versions of.
2. In document library click on Settings -> Document Library Settings.
3. In document Library settings page click on “Version Settings”.
4. On Version Settings Page in “Document Version History” section select “Keep the following number of major versions: ” and then enter the number 5 in the textbox below. I recommend saving only 5 major versions at a time but its completely your choice.
5. Next click Ok and Navigate back to the document library.
You have now successfully set-up a limit on number of versions each document can have.

To reduce Versions for existing documents –

1. Select the document you want to trim the versions of.

2. Checks out the document edit it (if required) and check it back in. The document now will have only five most recent versions saved in its version history.

Any document edited (or checked in) in the library will now have only five most recently checked in versions saved.

2. Check Orphan sites - Run enumweb on all databases to check the Orphan sites.

stsadm –o enumallwebs –databasename "databasename" –databaseserver
“SQLServerName”Check for InSiteMap” property of a Site or Site collection to see if its orphan. If identified as Orphan use the below command to delete it

stsadm -o deletesite -siteid "GUID" -databaseserver "SQLServerame" -databasename "databasename" –force

3. Remove Orphaned WebParts- You can do this by powershell command or by Opening pages in designer and delete the closed webparts.

4. Check Logs - Make sure you trim SharePoint Transaction logs from SharePoint Content database.

5. Empty Recycle bin - Suggest your users to empty thier Recycle bins and clean up Site collection Recycle bin.


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